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School Age Children (6-12)






Spanish language and culture is the main focus of our school. Children will be exposed to it at all times regardless of the type of activity they are developing. All outdoor, free play and/or games are accompanied with Spanish songs when needed. All directions, wherever they are will be given in Spanish. Vocabulary review is consistently done every day and FUN WHILE LEARNING is the main objective of the program.

Remember always that morning/afternoon snack and lunch are the times of the day when we most include and reinforce vocabulary. This daily and such a natural activity give us the opportunity to use a casual vocabulary like: milk, chicken, bread, juice, napkin, plate, more please, cookies, thanks, etc.


1. Spanish (Three months summer break group)

Kids will be exposed to Spanish language at all time while here. However, there will be certain periods of the day when they are going to be working on vocabulary, pronunciation and culture following the bottom One Week Camp schedule. The only difference is that lessons for this group are more consistent and elaborated. Each week we have a theme like animals, food, clothing, professions and sports, toys, etc. (Normal weekly rates apply)

2. Spanish (Two week camp)

This program is performed in two different times; morning and afternoon. Mornings from 9:00-12:00, afternoons from 2:00-5:00
Here is the following schedule for this group. If you choose afternoon time slot please request the proper schedule.
9:00 am Permanent activities: attendance, weather, calendar, songs and magic words review (thanks, your welcome, please, excuse me, sorry, etc.)
9:30 Main lesson of the day (colors, animals, clothing, food or family, all these themes accompany with a slight touch of Spanish grammar)
10:00 Snack time (includes washing hands, cleaning and set tables, food about to eat vocab. etc)
10:30 Out door free play
11:00 Art, dance, singing, game, music, large motor activity.
This can be inside or outside.
11:00 Spanish Workbook class
11:30 Closing for the day
Getting ready for lunch
11:45 Lunch-time



I can’t stress enough the importance of immersing your child in a foreign language at a young age. I am so amazed how these kids can follow directions with out even being thought. They figure out at their own due to a mental association process and repetition. This process is complemented by daily lessons that help to increase their vocabulary and give them the tools for speech and comprehension.

Please if you are interested, sign up your child with $30.00 to reserve a spot and have him/her scheduled in a group, we want to have small groups in order to have the expected outcome. The $30.00 will be subtracted from tuition. If you have any question please give us a call, we would like to help you in any possible way!

Best Regards,

Doris Griep

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