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Preschool and Kindergarten Age Children





The following is the schedule that will be used to educate, teach and entertain your children during their summer.


This is the main focus of our school. Kids will be exposed to Spanish language at all time while in here. However, there will be certain periods of the day when they are going to be working on vocabulary, pronunciation and culture. Each week will have a theme like animals, food, clothing, professions and sports, toys, etc.

Art and Crafts
Children will be led to work on their own projects and creations according to their own creativity. They will also be guided to crafts previously planned by us. All supplies such as paint, glue, papers, wood sticks, different textures materials, etc, will be provided.

Outdoor Games/Sports
Children love young men’s care and attention. Cesar will help with teaching them sports and additional vocabulary in spanish. Activities will include games like: musical chairs, hot potato, freeze dance, etc. We also have Hispanic world popular games that even you adults would like to play.
They will practice also soccer, basketball, baseball and volleyball.

Dance and Singing
Children will be exposed to popular dances of Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other Latin Countries only, including salsa dance. Also all songs taught will be in Spanish only.

Daily Schedule:

9:00 am Permanent activities: attendance, weather, calendar, songs and magic words review (thanks, your welcome, please, excuse me, sorry, etc.)
9:30 Main lesson of the day (colors, animals, clothing, food or family, all these themes will be accompany with a worksheet, song, game, etc related to the theme)
10:00 Snack time (includes washing hands, cleaning and set tables, food about to eat vocab. etc)
10:30 Out door free play
11:00 Art, dance, singing, game, music, large motor activity.
This can be inside or outside.
11:00 Spanish Workbook class
11:30 Closing for the day
Getting ready for lunch
11:45 Lunch-time

We want kids have lunch with us because is the most important activity for Spanish speech and fluency.

Please call if more information is needed!

Doris Griep

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